A Pro-Life Defense of Marijuana Legalization
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April 5, 2015
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April 10, 2015

Three years ago I don’t think I would have ever imagined myself defending the decriminalization of marijuana much less the legalization of it. My first ministry internship while in college included living with and working in a half way house. I’ve seen the self destruction that drugs cause and I am not a supporter nor do I condone drug abuse. Yet, since I founded Pro-Life Texas almost two years ago my thought process has started to change. So if you’ll indulge me as you read this I hope to join others speaking in defense of marijuana legalization on a pro-life basis.

Tens of Thousands of Economies Destroyed

It wasn’t really a huge leap for me to move to a decriminalization stance. I’ve always been a fan of limited government and personal responsibility. When I started to really consider the facts of how many Texans are jailed each year for possession it really clicked.

One of the number one reasons for abortion is the feeling of loss of financial stability. Being jailed for simple possession is a very quick way to destroy a family’s personal economy. If a pregnant woman finds out her boyfriend or husband is in jail and will likely have trouble finding a job then it is easy to see why she may then consider an abortion.

It is not the role of government to sustain an individual’s personal economies, but neither should we place laws that hinder and destroy them of the citizen has not caused harm to another.

Lace Drugs and Harder Drugs That Lead To Death

It’s long been said by opponents of legalization that marijuana is a gateway drug. I completely agree, but I don’t think it’s simply because of people looking for a better “high” but rather based on economics. Say I want to purchase something at the grocery store. I may only want to purchase one or two quick things and leave, but it is the role and duty of the store as a business to try to encourage me to purchase other products. Why do we expect drugs to be any different? If you can only purchase something on a black market then those salesmen will of course attempt an up-sale to harder products that will risk the users life.

Along with that economic variable some may lace product with dangerous substances to increase potency or weight. Users may be greatly harmed or die from use and be unwilling to seek help due to the illegality of the product.

Cartels: A US Prohibition Creation for Destruction

The main reason I support legalization over decriminalization is because decriminalization does nothing to stop the deaths due to cartels. Whether it be through human smuggling or border violence the U.S. and state’s policies on marijuana has killed thousands.

Drug cartels are the chief promoters of illegal immigration and human smuggling. They work to push as many people over the border as possible because it distracts from their carriers getting across. While many illegal immigrants are just seeking a better life for themselves they are are pawns in cartels’ hands. Sometimes they use people seeking to find a better life as a drug mule and other times they are used as part of sex trafficking. Many are dying on our border because we can’t properly secure it as long as cartels have billions of dollars in incentives to guarantee it stays porous.

Along with this come fights over territory and extreme border violence. My own church had a regular mission to a city in Mexico, but the violence has become so bad and the cartels so well funded with American dollars that it had to cease as we were putting the people in danger with every visit.

Maybe all of those reasons aren’t dealing with abortion, but they are all dealing with life. This probably isn’t a popular stand among many of the followers on Pro-Life Texas, and on this issue I’d love to just keep quiet but I truly believe this is about saving lives.

Why is marijuana law such a big deal? Is it because supports of reform just want to get high? No, it’s because it’s one of the simplest changes we can make in our law to drastically change and save the lives of tens of thousand people (and save hundreds of millions in the process).

Many are against this idea. Many support it but are scared to death of their primary voters. I’d ask our representatives to truly consider what is right in this situation. If you can’t save lives and protect liberty then what are they there for? Is it simply to wait for the next election?

Rep. David Simpson said something to me when I spoke with him about this that I hope our Texas representatives will all consider. He said that his prayer was that “representatives would vote with the faith of their convictions rather than the fear of retribution.”

It’s is a great day to stand with courage and save lives. I hope our representatives take heart.


Pro-Life Texas

Twisted Conservative


  1. Avatar Dennis Pielack says:

    Legalization? Decriminalization? What about removing marijuana from the domain of the Government entirely? Make no laws regulating marijuana use for five years and let Americans develop the many possible uses of marijuana that can be achieved, and then study and evaluate the results the next couple years, and if no laws or restrictions are shown to be necessary, let free enterprise flourish and nourish the Country.

  2. Avatar Carrie Beth says:

    Just Take The God Given FREE Plant Off The Controlled Substance List! IT IS AN HERB A GOOD GREEN PLANT! A Plant Is Not A Drug! The Drugs Are The Pharmaceuticals! Sorcery Is The Act Of Mixing Poisons! Pharmaceuticals Are Poisons And The Drugs!

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  3. Avatar Julie says:

    Well you’ve taken a step in the right direction. You should go a bit father in your research “alcohol” is the gateway drug along with over medicating young children.

    The big rush to legalize marijuana has nothing to do with the good that can come out of it. The green machine just want something else that they can fill their bank accounts even more.

    The gateway drug is alcohol & doctors prescribing drugs to kids younger and younger to feed the greed.

    If your child acts like a child can’t sit still 4 hours at a time. They medicate them and are surprised that when they hit their teen years they’re looking for a better High.

    Until people like you admit that it’s alcohol, greed, over medicating children, along with the unknown taboos, Not marijuana! You are part of the problem.

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