Retired NFL Players Addicted to Prescription Drugs


Ezekiel Elliott, rookie running back for the the Dallas Cowboys, made a little unwanted noise the day before the recent Cowboys and Seahawks game. Ezekiel was spotted in a dispensary outside of Seattle. Mind you, no purchase was made but the publicity was a big hit. The problem is that the NFL bans marijuana in their workplace while Washington state …

Africans Brought ‘Folk Medicine’ to the Americas


It is well documented that numerous tribes throughout Africa have used cannabis for ceremonial and medical purposes, and for thousands of years. When Africans were taken from their native land, the seeds of the cannabis sativa plant arrived in the Americas aboard slave ships. Marijuana took root in South America and the Caribbean from passing slave ships. Cannabis was quickly adopted as …


PRODUCT REVIEW: Marijuana Insurance


How would you like to buy some marijuana insurance?  The coverage is for that time when you want odor protection.  You know, the odor protection needed to keep a private smell proof relationship with your buds.  So we give you to top 3 reasons not to buy a No Smell Bag, the charcoal activated smell-proof bag. In today’s world, everyone has …

Rothschild, Greeks, and Marijuana


Blood in the Streets For those that appreciate what policy-makers have created in the form of government (and therefore power), the Rothschilds sum it up best. Back during the French Revolution, Baron Rothschild said that “The time to buy is when there is blood in the streets.” Now his great, great, great, grandson, Lord Rothschild, recently spoke “(we are witnessing) …

Creating Jobs and Saving Country


Needed: Weed Entrepreneurs While policymakers twiddle their thumbs in creating jobs, the people-developed marijuana industry is exploding. Marijuana Factbook 2016 estimates that between 100,000 to 150,000 jobs currently exist to serve the legal marijuana market. While 100,000 jobs is impressive by itself, only 5.6% of the US adult market has access to legal marijuana, medical or recreational. Some back-of-the-envelope numbers …


Gallup: 1 in 8 Regularly Smoke – Guns, Guts, and God

gun laws

In three years time the number of adults reporting that they are a current user of marijuana has almost doubled to 13%. According to the Gallup poll released today, the west is leading the charge in social change. Recreational use is allowed in Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington. While this November the states of Arizona, California, and Nevada will vote …

Stop The Suffering

mpo wood

Cancer treatment is hell.  Pure hell.  Modern medical cancer protocols are now able to save or greatly extend life.  However, the medications used, radiation and/or chemotherapy cocktails, wreak havoc on the body.  While doctors do the best they can, there are still days when it takes all a cancer patient has to deal with the bombardment of toxins required to treat the disease.  For some, marijuana can minimize the side effects, associated with this brutal regimen and in so doing, provide patients with a much needed dose of sanity during one of the worst times of their lives.

Minnesota Expands Eligible Conditions


A State with more prescription deaths than homicides. The State with one of the most restrictive laws of the 25 pro-medical marijuana states just included intractable pain to their other nine conditions eligible for cannabis relief. Intractable pain is not a medical term but a political one. Minnesota’s medical marijuana law went into effect back in 2014 but by limiting …

How do I ask my doctor about medical marijuana?


Just ask. Speaking to your regular physician should not be an uncomfortable situation. After all it is your dime, and if your physician is still uncomfortable about the dialogue, remind him that your health trumps their comfort level. Not all physicians feel cool prescribing marijuana, do not know about cannabis, or may be barred discussing at all because of hospital …


Raided Dispensary Owner Gets Prosecutor Voted Out Of Office


After Chad Morrows Gaylord, Michigan dispensary Cloud 45 was raided last year he transformed from a business owner into one of the states most effective political activists. Chads legal dispensary was given full approval from his local community and it professionally served marijuana patients throughout northern Michigan, until county prosecutor Mike Rola decided it needed to be closed, and at …