Bill Would Disallow Medical Marijuana For All Law Enforcement

Senator Steve Bieda, testifies before the House Criminal Justice committee 9/17/14, to discuss bipartisan legislation he and Senator Rick Jones (left) have put forward which would criminalize “cyber revenge”. Senate Bills 924 and 925  would make it illegal to post sexually explicit images on the Internet without the consent of an individual, but also including images given through consent within the confines of a private relationship.

Michigan Progress, a political think tank has crafted a proposed statute that requires medical marijuana patients registering through the state of Michigan to have their name and social security number scrubbed against police personnel records to verify eligibility.

Vice Presidential Candidates Just Say No


The race to replace Barack Obama has just entered the final turn as both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have named their vice-presidential picks. Trump’s choice, Indiana Governor Mike Pence, and U.S. Senator and form governor of Virginia Tim Kaine, Clinton’s choice, have at least one thing in common: neither supports marijuana legalization. According to Marijuana Politics, Pence’s views on …

President Obama: Thoughts On Legal Weed, Vets And Concerns


The MPO will continue educating policy makers, neighbors and those within the medical community to ensure that veterans have access to marijuana as an alternative to current medical treatments offered by the Veterans Administration, and get them the help they and their families need.


Patient Lives Matter As Much As Cops

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Until a police officers death goes unpunished in this country (which it never has) or until you personally witness a death at the hands of law enforcement, and with no justice served, perhaps you should keep your opinions to yourself. You are simply noise taking away from real progress.

How To Use A Vaporizer

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No need to go on about the benefits of vaporizing marijuana. Watch the following video from Patients Without Time, that does an excellent job in demonstrating the use of a vaporizer.


Never Hate A Cop Or A Criminal, You May Need Both


Are you concerned with the direction of law enforcement in this country?  No ‘real’ reform has happened or has ever been fully implemented and adopted by different departments and agencies who all see things differently. While most of us trust law enforcement for the most part, there are more and more who are changing their beliefs. If the logic holds true, ‘never …

First Florida Dispensary To Open Tuesday

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Florida’s first marijuana dispensary will open Tuesday at 800 Capital Circle SE, Tallahassee. Licensed cannabis grower and distributor Trulieve won the race among the state’s six medical cannabis licensees to open the state’s first retail location. It will sell its proprietary high-CBD, low-THC strain of marijuana named Vita Jay, and has plans for a stronger strain on the horizon. To …

Methadone Inventor Explains Legalization, DEA and FDA

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There is a lot of controversy regarding the reclassification of marijuana. Recent efforts to downgrade the drug from its current status as Schedule 1, defined as having no medical use have failed. For the past 45 years marijuana has remained on the same list as cocaine and LSD, and with no real action from the DEA, US Congress or a …

Twice As Long To Digest Meals, Guess What Helped?

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I have vagus nerve degeneration secondary to diabetes, which means it takes me twice as long to digest a meal than a normal person, and my bowels move slowly. I notice this because it gives me chronic nausea. Medical cannabis greatly relieves these symptoms. To a lesser degree it helps with the pain of neuropathy.

Medicare Spending Drops $162 Million In Medical Marijuana States


Why would pharmaceutical companies spend millions of dollars to lobby against legalized medicinal and recreational marijuana legislation? Profits. A recent study published in the medical journal Health Affairs definitively shows that in states where medical cannabis is legal there are significant decreases in spending on FDA-approved treatments. When we take a closer look at prescription pill patterns with Medicare patients …